Good News, Bad News

Which do you want first?

Here's the good news: Kim Cattrall has confirmed that a Sex and the City movie sequel is going to happen. As you may remember, I may or may not have seen Sex and the City three times in the theater and rushed out to buy it the day it came out on DVD. Even though it wasn't quite as fabulous as the actual show, I love love loved it! I looooved it! So while they seemed to have neatly tied up the story at the end of the first movie, there is always enough Carrie-Samantha-Miranda-Charlotte drama to go around.

And now for the bad news: Pushing Daisies is reportedly "on the bubble." Are you freaking kidding me? This is one of the most unique, entertaining, perfect shows on television and I cannot imagine life without Ned the piemaker and his slew of over-the-top murder "mysteries." There is nothing else like this show and people need to start watching it ASAP! How can this show be on the bubble and the crapfest that is Private Practice gets an entire season? Turn on the TV an hour earlier and enjoy Pushing Daisies before it's too late!


Sunday Night TV Recap

Just finished Sunday Night TV on ABC... here are super sentence recaps:

Extreme Makeover Home Edition
An indoor jungle gym? A zoo room? A lifesize dollhouse? This show may have to go off the air--it's making people like me wish there was something wrong in our lives so we could get a cool new house for free. Not good.

Desperate Housewives
Just... ew. Porter and his best friend's mom? Ew. Katherine and Mike doing the dirty in the kitchen? Ew. The old lady from Six Feet Under moving in on the Solises? Ew. And dumb. I suddenly like this show again, though. Great.

Brothers and Sisters
A lot of inexplicable actions in this episode--not the least of which was Kitty totally sabotaging her adoption and Nora bringing George Laffterty to the party. PS Justin + Rebecca = booooooring. 

See you next week!


I's snitting by Orpoh

Alright so last week I was pumped for the return of 30 Rock, but sort of underwhelmed by the first episode of the season. 

Any underwhelmment (is that even a word?) went out the window with this week's episode featuring guest star Oprah. I was wondering how they were going to work Oprah as herself into the script--I should've known it would be genius. It's Tina Fey and crew, after all. 

I loved every aspect of the plot of this episode--Tracy vs. Jenna making themselves up to role play the other's life, Kenneth's tetherball Olympic champion idol proving to be a fake (and him stealing cable in the end!) and Liz Lemon flying to Chicago to get out of jury duty by pretending to think she was Princess Leia. Lemon running her mouth to the woman she thought was Oprah was totally priceless. And the surprise ending was the perfect cherry on top of this fantastic episode. 

If you haven't already watched it, get on NBC.com and watch it. Right now. Then come back and tell me how much you loved it, cause I know you will. Don't tell Michael Scott, but I laughed harder at 30 Rock this week than I did at The Office


Two More Quickie Reviews

This movie moved me to tears and made me writhe in my seat, beyond uncomfortable thinking what I would do if I was in Angelina Jolie's terrible situation. You'd think after Pride and Glory, I'd have enough of bad cops, but this movie took police corruption to a whole new level--especially since this was a true story! Jolie shines as the main character, and the guy who plays the crazy man on the ranch is perfect for his part (as is the Police Captain). Overall I liked this movie a lot more than other critics and highly recommend giving it a chance. ****

High School Musical 3
I may have been the oldest person there without a child, but it was worth the potential embarrassment to enjoy Zac Efron and friends in their Senior Year at East High. While the costumes and sets were much more high quality, what with a feature film budget and all, I wasn't as impressed with the songs as I was with the made-for-TV HSM 1 and 2. Make fun all you want, but had Zac Efron not been in this movie for some big screen eye candy, it wouldn't have come close to rivaling the original or first sequel. That said, it was fun and peppy and is sure to please its actual target audience--kids and tweens. ***


LOST is Found

ABC has announced a premiere date for Lost Season 5! Get ready for the probably-shouldn't to happen--they apparently return to the island... after spending four seasons trying to get off of it. Only on Lost would that be exciting!

On January 21, we find out why Locke was in a coffin, why Ben wants them back on the island, why Jack has such a crazy beard, and where Claire went! Although, knowing Lost, we won't get any of those answers and instead be presented with 1000 new questions.

But that's what makes us love it! Check out the season promo:



History! Victory!

After what seemed like a hundred thousand years, but only a few hours into actual Election Night, the television networks projected Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States and our first African-American president. History was made last night and I couldn't be more excited.

Maybe he won't be able to do everything he has promised, but change is already here--there is no way around that. I wasn't screaming in the streets or bawling my eyes out, but I may have gotten a little misty eyed listening to his speech and watching the new First Family onstage in Grant Park.


As much as I'd have liked to see a woman get it first, I am thrilled that history was made in the form of Barack Obama. Now only 90 more days and we'll see what he's gonna do with it.


The Immaculate Election

(A little Arrested Development throwback for you)

So here I sit, stomach in knots, yelling at the TV and cursing Kansas and its lousy conservatives.

I can only imagine McCain, sitting in one of his many (did his staff ever get back to us with how many?) homes in Arizona with Botox Barbie on one arm and Caribou Barbie on the other. Across the country, Joe Biden polishes his teeth and Obama marvels at the crazy college kids sprinting across Grant Park to get a spot as close to the stage as possible... even though nobody will speak there for many hours.

I count down the minutes between poll closings along with Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper on CNN, David Gregory on MSNBC, Charles Gibson on ABC and Brian Williams on NBC. I am undoubtedly a major channel flipper. I am also a multi-tasker--posting here, watching the minute-by-minute electoral map updates on MSNBC.com and checking Bloglines for other updates. Oh and I'm also texting friends and playing Quadrum on my phone.

Obama's electoral count is rising, but will it be enough to put him over the 270 mark?

Honestly? I wish it would just go ahead and happen cause I'm already yawning. Uh oh.